The membership price is $65.00 for a year to receive discounts on all spa services, gift cards, and retail products!!!!!!!!!


The membership will allow the client to receive 30% off all regular priced services, 30% off gift cards for friends and family, 15% off all regular priced retail products. Bring in one person (without a membership) on your discount once a month. During the members birthday month they will receive a free gift with any service. Additional benefits for our Royal Members will include savings at other local businesses!!!!!


Membership program

Massage Regular Price: $75.00

Membership Price: $52.00


Savings: $23.00

If a client comes in three times a year for appointments or purchases three gift cards for friends or family for massages or other services, that client will save at least $84.00 for the year!

When comparison shopping, you will find that some competitor’s membership programs are charged monthly, not yearly, and their service fees range from $50 to $99 for massages only, with the discount not applicable on any other services!


Any questions or concerns please contact us @  502-548-5442