Hot and Cold Aromatherapeutics

These products provide penetrating moist heat or soothing cold for deep, lasting relief from tension, injury or pain from every part of the body. Each product is appropriately weighted to apply gentle acupressure designed to hit pressure points and ensure thorough penetration of heat or cold.

The two-sided design includes a soft, comforting fleece surface for moist heat application and a smooth cordura surface for dry transfer of cold therapy.

These products may be used hot or cold. They will stay hot for 30-45 minutes and cold for 25-30 minutes. They also provide healing aromatherapy.

Available in:

  • Herbal Packs or Body Wraps – these aid in the relief of pain and stiffness in muscles and joints
  • Foot Ease – gives relief from sore, aching or cold feet
  • Mitt or Muff – fixes relief from stiff, aching or cold hands
  • Neck Ease – overall relaxation, soothing and relief
  • Eye or Sinus – provides relief from headaches, insomnia or sinus discomfort

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