Body Services

Detox Foot Bath

    • Extract toxins from your feet to have your whole body feeling renewed.

Herbal Balls

    • Herbal Balls are traditionally a hot treatment. It is pressed along the acupressure zones of the body in a series of motions that include: a pressing with steady downward pressure; a “rock ‘n roll” or back and forth motion; a “rolling” or orbital circular motion; and a “dragging” motion which is used to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage. The Herbal Balls are used in conjunction with a Swedish massage or to work on specific areas of the body that need special attention for muscular tightness or pain.

Herbal Body Wraps

    • Having an Herbal Body Wrap can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Body wraps are believed to help improve the skin’s texture and appearance by removing excess fluids and toxins. The benefits of an Herbal Body Wrap include detoxification of the body through the skin, weight loss and soft, smooth skin.  Some body wraps may also assist in the reduction of the appearance of cellulite, help firm the skin, and help the body produce more collagen and elastin.


    • Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. It is one of the more widely known forms of healing using a force very similar to Chi. It is believed that Reiki can help relieve pain, boost the immune system and relieve acute problems. This is believed because physical manifestations of pain are often linked to emotional, mental and spiritual states. Reiki goes beyond the symptoms to treat the root cause of the disease.


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